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Cool Retro Video Game Store!

2009-10-10 00:05:01 by GothicFreak119

Like retro gaming? I found this cool store located in my hometown and all they carry is old games. They have everything! Atari, Nes, Snes, Sega, PS1, Gameboy, etc.. I thought it was like walking into a museum with all the cool posters on the ceiling to the old game systems on the shelf. Their website has a pretty neat forums page as well. The guys are friendly and they know a lot about games. Anyway, I thought it was a cool store and anyone in the area who has a chance should check it out.

Cool Retro Video Game Store!


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2009-10-10 00:26:49

you don't see much retro gamer stores now a day
lucky you i would so buy that power glove for my nes

GothicFreak119 responds:

I'd probably just buy it, cut off the cord and wear it. lol


2009-12-03 13:46:07


GothicFreak119 responds:



2010-01-11 15:43:20

Wow, I would really love to come to this stor, It really has some cool old games! Seriously , the gloves look awsome! XD


2010-02-05 06:44:47

I want those colorful N64s.. I want them all.

GothicFreak119 responds:

Yes their actually my fathers
Don't ask why I wrote it as if i was a local
Lol anywho yeah thats my pops store LevelUpVideoGames
People call him the LUVG lol ^_^


2010-02-12 13:46:21

(Drooling) They opened a play it again sam's in Chicago the year before I moved out. It was awesome (shakes fist and cries)

GothicFreak119 responds:

True Dat


2010-02-15 01:56:08

Your dads store is sexy... how much does he want for the BFD conker figure?

GothicFreak119 responds:

Sorry to say everthing on that shelve isn't for sell
and thats a pic of just that so yeah..........


2010-02-16 05:35:22

Dude! PM me the address, I have to go there!


2010-03-23 20:46:04

....And where exactly is this store located?


2010-04-16 19:27:37

Goddamn I am so jealous of you. I love old video games!

GothicFreak119 responds:

Ha Then we'd get along juuust fine.... ^_^


2010-04-30 16:04:52

there is a little shop just like this in my town.
im telling you, there is no better feeling than buying a boxed NES or Atari game and putting it on your shelf when you get home. Eventually i want to design my own NES games and sell them in my hometown store... but thats a little down the road ^_^

GothicFreak119 responds:

hah cool man good to know ^_^


2010-04-30 16:52:00



2010-04-30 16:52:28

i think there is a shop like this in my town...

GothicFreak119 responds:

Theirs quite a few :)


2010-06-04 17:04:30

Wow this place looks REALLY COOL!


2010-06-05 00:34:58

please pm the address to the store. o really... REALLY want to go here


2010-08-13 11:04:46

Wow....its looking back at all of the gaming I used to love....I earliest gaming memories is playing Mortal Combat on a Sega Genesis with my cousin and my dad buying me one of the original GameBoy as my first platform....I want to go to this store :D


2011-01-25 15:13:22

the most retro scene i ever seen!
that remember good memories


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