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Cool Retro Video Game Store!

Posted by GothicFreak119 - October 10th, 2009

Like retro gaming? I found this cool store located in my hometown and all they carry is old games. They have everything! Atari, Nes, Snes, Sega, PS1, Gameboy, etc.. I thought it was like walking into a museum with all the cool posters on the ceiling to the old game systems on the shelf. Their website has a pretty neat forums page as well. The guys are friendly and they know a lot about games. Anyway, I thought it was a cool store and anyone in the area who has a chance should check it out. www.levelupvideogames.org

Cool Retro Video Game Store!

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you don't see much retro gamer stores now a day
lucky you i would so buy that power glove for my nes

I'd probably just buy it, cut off the cord and wear it. lol



Wow, I would really love to come to this stor, It really has some cool old games! Seriously , the gloves look awsome! XD

I want those colorful N64s.. I want them all.

Yes their actually my fathers
Don't ask why I wrote it as if i was a local
Lol anywho yeah thats my pops store LevelUpVideoGames
People call him the LUVG lol ^_^

(Drooling) They opened a play it again sam's in Chicago the year before I moved out. It was awesome (shakes fist and cries)

True Dat

Your dads store is sexy... how much does he want for the BFD conker figure?

Sorry to say everthing on that shelve isn't for sell
and thats a pic of just that so yeah..........

Dude! PM me the address, I have to go there!

....And where exactly is this store located?

Goddamn I am so jealous of you. I love old video games!

Ha Then we'd get along juuust fine.... ^_^

there is a little shop just like this in my town.
im telling you, there is no better feeling than buying a boxed NES or Atari game and putting it on your shelf when you get home. Eventually i want to design my own NES games and sell them in my hometown store... but thats a little down the road ^_^

hah cool man good to know ^_^


i think there is a shop like this in my town...

Theirs quite a few :)

Wow this place looks REALLY COOL!

please pm the address to the store. o really... REALLY want to go here

Wow....its looking back at all of the gaming I used to love....I earliest gaming memories is playing Mortal Combat on a Sega Genesis with my cousin and my dad buying me one of the original GameBoy as my first platform....I want to go to this store :D

the most retro scene i ever seen!
that remember good memories