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I love how bad "sethc4"s grammar is and find it completely pointless to comment and rate like that.
3/5 Simple, Obviously not stunning or something lol but I'd love to see more of what you can do

I love these guys!!

this really put a smile on my face i love MITM

Fucking Beastly..................

That is all


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Fairly simple.
Kept me entertained especially because I love Slender Man <3
Gotta give you credit for making a good survivor horror side scroller cause I don't think thats the easiest thing to do, Props ^.^

Brunodev responds:

Thanks Gothic! Yeah, you're right. It's not the easiest thing to do xD
Thanks for your review!

Not to dick ride but the comment below me had me giggling when they see "I earned them all." He's not kidding folks

Fairly simple I wanted to backout but I found myself playing till level 12

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I don't need to get my beak into any arguments here, but why so much trash talk on skrillex?
As for me I all kinds of dubstep and yours are trully different. There not just raw drops (even though those are sexy) but yours have funky little beats to them with chopped up voices (lol)
5/5 Fav'ed it

GrantBowtie responds:

I'm not sure why haha this song doesn't sound at all like skrillex. But I'm glad you liked it!

I love the beat of the song mostly, as for the drop the sounds are really choppy, and not in a good way just my personal opinion other than that its still enjoyable
4/5 Fav'ed


The comment below make me giggle
I <3 your originality please keep it up!
10/10 5/5

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I absolutely love everything about this!
Can't believe nobody commented on it, 5'ed it and Fav'ed it.
-Levi >_<

Fuck yeah!
Daft Punk is amazing, I can kind of picture "aerodynamic" playing in the background. Thanks alot and now to my favorites


Hooray for TF2!!!

Oorah Oorah!!

Hi my name is Levi and I love video games, music, craptastic movies, zombies, books, anime,manga, kawaii, chibi's, Dinosaurs, unicorns, robots, geeks, elves, tea and much more. So if you also like awesome weird stuff, we should be friends!!!

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